CPO Medicines Mechanism Consultations

Please find the links to the Consultation on the proposal for the supply and administration of medicines using patient group directions by Clinical Scientists and Biomedical Scientists

A scoping project was undertaken in 2015 by NHS England which looked at the need for some regulated health professions to supply, administer and prescribe medicines to their patients. The report of the project made a number of recommendations, and the Chief Professions Officers’ Medicines Mechanisms (CPOMM) programme of work started in April 2017 to take forward the recommendations.

We are leading UK-wide consultations on proposals to change the medicines responsibilities enabling biomedical scientists and clinical scientists to supply and administer medicines using patient group directions.

The proposals share the same aim, to make it more convenient and safer for patients to get the medicines they need at the time and place when they need them. This will reduce the need for appointments with additional health professionals just to receive the medicines needed, which often results in unnecessary delays to the start of treatment.

The consultations will run from 15 October 2020 to 10 December 2020.

Engagement events

Engagement events will be held online during the consultation period. These will provide an opportunity for those attending to find out more about the proposals and the consultation process. Details of these events are as follows:

Proposals relating to the supply and administration of medicines under patient group directions (biomedical scientists, clinical scientists and operating department practitioners):

·         13 November 2020 1:15pm – 2:15pm, book your place.

Patient and public engagement event:

·         Details to be confirmed but you can register your interest by emailing england.cpomedicinesmech@nhs.net

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