Consultation on teleaudiology guidelines

Audiology Australia is developing guidelines for delivery of hearing services by telehealth (teleaudiology).  This project is funded by the Australian Government as part of a package to implement key initiatives of the Roadmap for Hearing Health and builds on Audiology Australia’s position statement on teleaudiology.

Consultation with stakeholders is an integral part of Audiology Australia’s guidelines process, from the development of a draft through to testing and refining the guidelines for implementation by mid-2022. 

They would welcome your perspective on the draft guidelines drawing on the expertise, experience and insights of using teleaudiology and related guidance. 

They invite you to provide written feedback on the draft guidelines by 10 September 2021, to download the feedback form click here.  They have provided a feedback form for this purpose or you may choose to send your comments in an email, letter or submission to or to if you prefer for us to forwards to them on your behalf.

The draft guidelines are available on their website.  The website provides information about the Working Group overseeing the project, frequently asked questions and a social media content kit.