Consultation on BSA Practice Guidance

Donna Corrigan, the Chair of the Professional Guidance Group explains how the BSA practice guidance is created and reviewed.

The Professional Guidance Group (PGG) is responsible for all Recommended Procedures, Practice Guidance, Minimum Training Guidelines and Position Statements and the processes that these documents go through, including the consultation phase. There is a detailed document (Procedure for processing documents for recommended procedures and guidelines) about these processes in the Practice Guidance section of the website, but in summary the process is:

Ø  A document is reviewed or newly created by author(s) with relevant expertise in the subject, for example, a BSA Special Interest Group. A first complete draft is submitted to the PGG.

Ø  The PGG review the document, making recommendations about the content, formatting, language etc. to ensure consistency across BSA documentation.

Ø  The PGG and/or author(s) will invite the input of any relevant national/international experts (if not already done so).

Ø  The PGG submits the document to the BSA Council for review.

Ø  The draft document is made available for membership consultation via the BSA website and all relevant organisations (i.e. BAA, BSHAA, BAAP, RCGP, ENT UK, NCHA, BATOD etc.) are invited to participate. Lay person review also takes place by invitation of the PGG.

At this stage we welcome comments from all parties, no matter what their experience, seniority or professional background.

Ø  The consultation responses are collated and sent to the author(s) for consideration and action (if required). Members of the BSA are welcome to request a copy of the consultation record for their own interest and review.

At this stage all consultation feedback is considered but may not be implemented in the final document that is published. For example, this might be because there is a clear evidence base or a consensus of professional opinion to counter the comment.

Ø  The subsequent draft document is submitted to the PGG for second review.

Ø  Once the PGG are satisfied, it is submitted to the BSA Council for a second and final time.

Ø  The final document is published.