Interesting Research Papers

What are your “life-changing”, or perhaps more accurately “practice changing”, research papers? The paper does not need to be new but should still be relevant. Please submit your paper with link to




– Vertigo and Stroke

Tehrani et al. Small strokes causing severe vertigo. Frequency of false-negative MRIs and nonlacunar mechanisms. Neurology July 8, 2014 vol. 83 no. 2 169-173. Barany was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1914. Go to link below to find out more (you will be pleasantly surprised)


– An interesting paper on the diagnostic criteria for vestibular migraine

Lempert T1, Olesen J, Furman J, Waterston J, Seemungal B, Carey J, Bisdorff A, Versino M, Evers S, Newman-Toker D. Vestibular migraine: diagnostic criteria. Vestib Res. 2012;22(4):167-72. doi: 10.3233/VES-2012-0453.


– A further paper on vestibular migraine



– New thoughts on menieres..

Carol Foster, MD and Robert Breeze, MD. The Meniere attack: An ischemia/reperfusion disorder of inner ear sensory tissues. Medical Hypotheses, December 2013


– VNG Goggle movement / calibration

Investigation into the verifcation of the Synapsys VNG Ulmer Calibration System


– Mal de Debarquement Syndrome

Mal de Debarquement Syndrome


– Seasonality and Complimentary therapy advice

Answer to enquiry on Seasonality of dizziness and complimentary therapy and dizziness