Global Outreach Special Interest Group

Welcome to the BSA Global Outreach Specialist Interest Group (GO SIG) page. We’re a new group; established towards the end of 2016 and we’ve teamed up with ENT UK’s Global Health group to support other organisations and promote humanitarian work around the world.

Whilst we are lucky in the UK to have access to free audiology services on the NHS or the choice of seeing someone privately, most developing countries have little or no access at all to audiology or audiologists; relaying largely on support from abroad, often provided by voluntary organisations. Sadly, this can often be short term and unsustainable and standards of care can be questionable. There are more positively, NGOs and other companies that are working on or supporting developing longer term projects that are more sustainable, higher quality audiology services.  As a group, we want to promote higher standards of care and support longer term, sustainable audiology services globally. It’s a big, but very important challenge and right now we’re working together to find the best ways in which as a group we can be most useful and effective to this cause.

The main objectives of this SIG are:

  1. Provide and disseminate information or advice on best practice and training for global outreach to support short or long term projects or goals
  2. Investigate and map current provision and details of the global outreach for Audiology, including audiology professional bodies outside the UK
  3. Create peer support network for people who are involved in Audiology in other countries
  4. To broaden the base of the Group’s interests by providing a meeting point and communication between the various disciplines involved

If you have any questions about our work or would like to be involved, please do contact us on

We have a full house of dedicated audiologists and doctors within the steering committee who have experience of working abroad as volunteers and an interest of global issues within audiology and ENT.

Gemma Twitchen (Chair) Senior Audiologist DeafKidz International Action on Hearing Loss
Riaz Siddiqui (Vice Chair) Lead Audiologist Mediscan Diagnostics
Wendy McCracken Teacher of the Deaf Manchester Uni
Robin Youngs ENT UK West Suffolk Hospital
Dr Rachna Gopal Mauritius
Wahid Zaman Lecturer Aston Uni
Ned Carter International Development CBM UK
Tess Bright Research Fellow London School of Hygiene

For more news, volunteer stories, updates from the GO SIG including information on World Hearing Day please visit