BSA Fellowship News

We are extremely proud to announce that 29 BSA members have been awarded Fellowship status for their commitment to supporting, shaping and positively influencing their discipline.

The purpose of the BSA Fellowship Scheme is to acknowledge current BSA members’ positive contributions to the discipline of Audiology and the broad aims of the BSA.  It is intended to appeal to all members of the BSA regardless of career stage or discipline/profession. 

There are four levels of Fellowship each with specific criteria that need to be met through written application:

The BSA Fellowship is a unique opportunity for professionals from a wide range of disciplines and career stages to be recognised for their contributions to their specific field.  Many professionals may have ‘BSA member’ or membership to another organisation on their CV but membership alone does not require active involvement. The BSA Fellowship requires a comprehensive review of an applicant’s work history, impact and contribution and is a way of celebrating a BSA member’s work in shaping and positively influencing their field.

How to apply:

Please visit for full instructions and application process.

The next application opportunity will be between 21st June 2020 and 23rd August 2020.