Updates from the British Tinnitus Association

The BTA have lots of exciting news


First edition of the Annual Tinnitus Research Review 

The BTA is delighted to announce the publication of the first edition of the new Annual Tinnitus Research Review. It can be viewed online at the BTA site www.tinnitus.org.uk/ATRR2016. The BTA is very keen to promote research into tinnitus, and funded over £576,000 of projects in 2015/16, equating to 53% of its annual spend. In the Tinnitus Research Review, the first of an annual series, the BTA have invited experts in tinnitus to review relevant research published in 2015, with the aim of summarising the highest quality and most relevant papers, giving both professional and lay readers an overview of the themes and developments in the field.
British Tinnitus Association creates a new resource to help you ‘Take on Tinnitus’


New online help for people new to tinnitus is now available at www.takeontinnitus.co.uk Take on Tinnitus is a new website aimed at people who have just begun to experience tinnitus and can be helpful to students and other professionals who don’t regularly see tinnitus patients. One in ten of UK adults have tinnitus and there are approximately 750,000 GP consultations about tinnitus in England each year.

The site is designed so it can be used on mobile phones, tablets or computers. After an initial taster session, there are seven learning modules covering: the fundamentals of tinnitus, hearing and tinnitus, benefits of using sound, the link between tinnitus and relaxation, sleep and tinnitus, the benefits of talking about it and living your life with tinnitus.

Each module takes just 10-15 minutes to complete and includes a range of interactive exercises, video clips and self-tests all designed to keep users engaged in their learning.


Easy Read Guides

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is pleased to announce the publication of the four BTA information leaflets in Easy Read format with the aid of a grant from Big Lottery Awards for All scheme.


This format of simple text and line drawings has been specially devised to help people with learning disabilities access the information they need to manage their tinnitus. Nearly 1 million people in England alone have a learning disability. The prevalence of hearing loss in people with learning disabilities is up to 40% and this often goes un- or mis-diagnosed. Hearing loss is the biggest causal factor in tinnitus. Up to 80% of people with tinnitus have a hearing loss.


The information leaflets in the series are:


These leaflets are available free of charge from the BTA and can be ordered by contacting them on 0114 250 9933 or info@tinnitus.org.uk


Marie and Jack Shapiro Prize Winner 2016 announced


The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) has presented the prestigious industry award, the Marie & Jack Shapiro Prize to a collaborative team of tinnitus clinicians and researchers. Magdalena Sereda, Derek Hoare, Richard Nicholson, Sandra Smith and Deb Hall have been awarded the prize for their paper ‘Consensus on hearing aid candidature and fitting for mild hearing loss, with and without tinnitus: Delphi review’.