Workshop invitation 22/02/2016 – Hellish Decisions for Audiology and Hearing Healthcare Services

This is a personal invitation from Professor Adrian Davis to attend a workshop on February 22nd 2016 to find solutions to the pressing problems audiology and hearing healthcare services currently face:
· Unwarranted variations in access, quality, cost and outcomes of care
· Potential patient harm – even when the quality of care we deliver is high
· Waste – anything that does not add value to our patients or diverts resource from patients who are in greater need
· Inequity of provision
· Failure to prevent preventable hearing loss

We need to find and implement innovative solutions to these issues in a climate where there is no more money. And the systematic search for and implementation of innovation in the delivery of hearing healthcare services is a skill all audiologists must master and develop: innovation is not a fad but a discipline we must all engage with.

The workshop will give you the opportunity to develop skills in delivering value based and population healthcare solutions with your colleagues to future proof our hearing healthcare services.
There are only 20 places available at the workshop which will be held in Nottingham in partnership with the Ear Foundation. To book your place, contact or telephone 07831 114445.

We would be very grateful if you would forward this invitation around your audiology networks and to colleagues who you think would be interested.

With many thanks and best wishes
Lesley Burn on behalf of Professor Adrian Davis