University of Nottingham – Survey for UK Audiologists


BSA member, Dr Helen Henshaw and her colleagues at the University of Nottingham, are looking for audiologists working in UK audiology services to complete a survey.

The survey will ask about the current management of people living with dementia in UK audiology services and the results could help University of Nottingham to find ways to improve clinical practice in this area in the future.

The link to the survey and the Participant Information Sheet is here:

If you would like to share the survey, there is also a tweet with the survey flier and QR code available, please click here to view this:

By contacting Dr Helen Henshaw and her colleagues you are providing consent to your data being used as part of this research project.

The survey will close on Monday 21st November, however this may be extended.

Please contact Dr Helen Henshaw’s colleague, Dr Eithne Heffernan for more information or alternatively you may choose to send your comments in an email to and we will forwards on your behalf.

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