John Day

Trustee & Lead on Advisory Strategy

Mr John Day

I commenced my role as a BSA Trustee in September 2012. My first contact with BSA was as a trainee when I attended the annual conference in Buxton. To be totally honest I have no recollection of the audiological content but an unintentionally amusing performance by the local amateur operatic society is still with me.

BSA has remained a point of engagement with colleagues and a source of information through my career. I value the BSA in bringing together a range of professionals to work on our common interests.

My special area of responsibility is leading the advisory function that BSA offers. Council has identified activities associated with improving the advisory function of the organisation.  These include harnessing the expertise of members to respond to queries that come our way, taking a proactive stance towards the media and generally raising awareness of the BSA as a source of comprehensive independent advice i.e., not from any one professional group.

Consultant Clinical Scientist and Clinical Director of Audiology
Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, North Wales