Dr Peyman Adjamian

Trustee & Lead on Research Strategy

Having completed a PhD in Neuroscience in 2003, I joined the MRC Institute of Hearing Research in 2007 to work on the neurophysiological mechanism of tinnitus and its relationship to hearing loss. Currently my research involves the use of neuroimaging and behavioural measures to understand the relationship between brain neural activity and changes in the tinnitus percept.


The BSA is a multidisciplinary organisation which brings together researchers in hearing and auditory science, clinical and medical professionals, hearing therapists and clinical scientists. As a Trustee, I am keen to be involved in the decision making and running of BSA council, helping to set the overarching strategy of the society and ensure that the set goals are achieved. I intend to bring my experience in basic auditory research, as well as working with patients with hearing loss and tinnitus in order to make a contribution to the future of the society. Ultimately I hope that my involvement will influence how the BSA is run, making decisions that help to improve people’s lives through research, clinical, and public activities.


On a personal level, being a Trustee of the BSA will be a challenging and stimulating experience which will enhance my management skills and build on my contacts in the field of auditory science. It will allow me to put my skills to making decisions that affect the strategy and management of auditory research and its impact in the UK.


The BSA is the largest learned audiology society in Europe and as such, it is an honour to serve on its board of Trustees.