Dr Carmel Capewell

Trustee & Chair of the Learning Events Group

The focus of my PhD was on the lived experience of mothers and young people with chronic Glue Ear (Otitis Media with effusion). This was inspired primarily because of my experience of being the mother and aunt to those who have had glue ear from a very early age and its continued impact into adulthood. As a teacher, I am aware that there is increasing pressure for mainstream educators to have to deal with students with a range of health conditions about which there is little access to training. This is particularly the case for those students with hearing impairment. I believe that young children can provide valuable insights into the way in which their hearing loss affects them when provided with the appropriate means.  I am currently working on a range of research projects to involved patients and collaboration with educational and health care professionals.


I have a strong interest in working collaboratively with other professionals, families and young people.  I feel that it is an exciting time in the BSA with the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan and welcome the opportunity to be part of the implementation and moving the BSA forward and contributing to the achievement of the 6 strands.