Overview of BSA 2016 Annual Conference

In April 2016 the BSA held its annual conference at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. It was called "Transforming Knowledge to Sound Practice." Day 1: Basic Science: The basic science programme was a forum for hearing researchers to share and discuss the newest discoveries and insights in auditory science through a mixture of academic oral presentations and poster discussions. The day ended with the Ted Evans Lecture presented by Prof. John Culling (Cardiff University) on the topic of Clinical Insights from Cocktail-party Modelling. Days 2 & 3: Applied & Clinical Research: Highlights included international speakers Prof. De Wet Swanepoel (South Africa), Prof Dave Moore (USA), Dr Jeffry Staab (USA), Dr Doug Beck (USA), Dr Ariane Laplante-Levesque (Denmark), Bram van Dun (Australia), Dr Thomas Fedtke (Germany). The UK speakers included Prof Adrian Davis, Prof Sven Mattys, Dr Piers Dawes, Prof Deb Hall, Mr John Day, Dr Helen Pryce, Prof Stuart Rosen, Dr Melanie Ferguson, Dr Tony Sirimanna, Dr Nicci Campbell, Dr Natalie Bohm, Dr Graham Naylor, and Dr Anne Moorhead. Presentations on the hot topics in audiology included research priorities, outcome measures and telehealth. There were plenty of opportunities to engage in discussions with speakers and delegates through Q&A panel discussions, posters, and interactive workshops, including the Journal Club with participation from the journal authors.