UCL Masterclass: Advanced Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation

UCL Masterclass: Advanced Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation

Date: 14 – 17 March 2017

Course Directors: Carolina Leal and Dr Priya Singh

Course Co-ordinators: Aarti Makan and Carolina Leal


In a fast-paced technological world, there is no room for complacency. The continual arrival of new assessment, treatment and rehabilitation technologies continue to present significant challenges to audiological practice.

Are we delivering the best, individualised hearing care for our patients globally? How can we effectively make use of technology available to us and improve the efficacy of our practice? How do we stay abreast of the latest technology in busy work settings? Can we translate these technological advances to patients in more rural, community and home-based settings with limited resources? How can we influence the direction technology moves, to benefit us in the future?

The aim of this module is to enhance clinical practice and cultivate individualised care in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of adults and children with hearing loss.

Course objectives include:

  • To have a better understanding of the current health agenda, financial and political challenges in delivering audiological service.
  • To foster an awareness of state of the art technology in amplification and aural rehab as it relates to both adult and paediatric populations.
  • To develop international best practice as indicated by evidence-based approaches to rehabilitation.
  • To enable the implementation of clinically applicable tools & techniques that will elevate the process of aural rehabilitation to an advanced practitioner level.