Starkey – BSA Accredited Course in Otoscopy and Impression

As a leading earmould manufacturer Starkey are committed to supporting their customers to produce a perfect earmould fit every time.

As part of this commitment to your departments we understand that in many departments Assistant Audiologists also undertake impression taking often without any formal training or certification.

Starkey are pleased to offer an opportunity for Assistants and Associate Practitioners working in audiology settings to have a recognised certificate of training in impression taking for adult patients.

Experienced trainers from the Starkey Training team will ensure that all delegates are safe and competent to take impressions on adults and children over 5 years of age. In a fun and supportive environment skills will be developed and practice undertaken to produce competent impression takers who can then add that skill to their job role within their departments.

If you already take impressions but have no way of proving your skills and competence this course is also relevant to you to gain the BSA Accredited Certificate.

For more details or to register for this course please contact Sarah Weir at

As part of our commitment to our customers we also offer on going training for qualified audiologists in earmoulds and impression taking, please contact your Area Manager or to arrange a department ear impression and ear mould refresher training session.