Auditory Processing and Language Disorders – 3 Day Masterclass – UCL

Auditory Processing, Language and Cognition 3 Day Masterclass – Interactions Across the Age Span

6th, 7th, 8th March 2018

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Day 1: Auditory Processing from the Ear to the Cortex in a Clinical Context

Day 2: Auditory Processing and Developmental Disorders

Day 3: APD and Related Disorders in Adulthood

Course Directors: Professor Doris-Eva Bamiou & Professor Jennifer Linden



This 3-day multidisciplinary Masterclass will provide an in-depth update on the current scientific understanding of auditory processing disorders, language, cognition and their interaction across the age spectrum. Lectures will cover basic scientific principles of auditory neuroscience and current clinical diagnostic and management approaches for auditory processing disorders. The international faculty includes clinicians and researchers from several different disciples.

Keynote Lecturers Speakers
Dorothy Bishop (Oxford) Doris Bamiou
Alexander Leff (UCL) Jenny Bizley
Stuart Rosen (UCL) Maria Chait
Sophie Scott (UCL) Hannah Cooper
Jason Warren (UCL) Nehzat Koohi
Kathleen Pichora-Fuller (Toronto) Lorna Halliday
Jennifer Linden
Christina Murphy
Chrysa Spyridakou
Georgios Stavrinos
Sergi Costafreda