The Professional Guidance Group

The PGG is responsible for Recommended Procedures and Clinical Guidance, an area where BSA has an international reputation. A key development will be NICE accreditation of these documents. This will enhance the quality, status, and consistency across all of our documents. It will also raise the profile of BSA and Audiology with links from NICE/NHS Evidence websites. This is a huge undertaking for BSA and the Professional Guidance Group in terms of effort and resources.

The PGG aims to promote high standards of professional practice in audiology, with particular focus on cross- and multi-disciplinary issues, through:

  1. The production, dissemination, coordination and maintenance of practice guidance (including recommended procedures, guidelines, minimum training standards and study days). Promoting high standards of practice through:

2. Working in partnership with other groups interested in promoting good practice and with other stakeholders

The BSA document process & consultation

The Professional Guidance Group (PGG) is responsible for all Recommended Procedures, Practice Guidance, Minimum Training Guidelines and Position Statements and the processes that these documents go through, including the consultation phase. There is a detailed document (Procedure for processing documents for recommended procedures and guidelines) about these processes in the Practice Guidance section of the website, but in summary the process is:

Recommended Procedures

Members of the Group

Donna Corrigan (Chair)

Samantha Batty (Vice Chair)

Barry Downes

David Greenberg

Robert Rendell

Jay Jindal

Laura Turton (BSA Operations Manager)


On occasions people approach the PGG to translate the guidance we have. For access to our translations policy please click here British Society of Audiology Translationas for Practice Guidance Policy