Current Projects

Complex Rehabilitation Study Day

We are planning to hold a learning event in September 2016 on the management of complex rehabilitation patients. The details are due to be released in the run up to this event. Please check the following link to be kept up to date.

Application of Adult Rehabilitation best practice

To create a collation of practical support for people practicing adult rehabilitation through case studies.

We are planning to run a competition which is widely promoted to gather ideas and principles on what works for patients through best practice and innovations in clinical practice.

There will be a prize for the best judged entry and the top 25 will be published at the ARIG event in September 2016.

Survey to Heads of departments on outcome measures  

To gather information across the UK in the use and application of the available outcome measures and to assess how data is being used and shared with commissioners.

We will create a survey on what types of outcome measures are being used, when they are being applied and what the data is being used for. The aim of this work is to inform a future practical toolkit on outcome measures and assessment measures.

Review of Recommended Procedures

In April 2016 we released an updated version of the existing BSA Recommended procedure and renamed it “Common Principles of Rehabilitation for Adults in Audiology Services”. The final draft is due to come out over the summer this year.