Complex Matters: going beyond the routine study day 5.9.16

On Monday 5th September we held our first study day. Though ARIG has been established since 2011, a new steering group is now in place chaired by Dr Mel Ferguson.

The theme of the conference was “Complex matters: Going beyond the routine” focussing on complex adult rehabilitation in Audiology. The morning session chaired by Mel, involved a series of high quality, clinically relevant talks on topics including dementia and dual sensory impairment.

The afternoon session included interactive case studies presented by the morning’s speakers, which consolidated the learning and created lots of interaction and discussion between delegates. A poster competition was also held for the BSA membership to submit their work around innovative practice in adult rehabilitation. The day was a resounding success for ARIG, with similar events now planned in the future.


If you attended the day then go to the following link

Below is the link for the overview of each talk and presenter.

ARIG Abstracts and Bios


Donna Corrigan spoke about Dual Sensory Impairment and provided lots of practical advice on supporting these patients.


Judith Bird focussed on severe and profound hearing loss and audiologist supporting these patients need to be agents of change.


Lynzee McShea recommends that we should view other perspectives when supporting carers for people with learning disabilities and not just look through the lens of audiology.

Sarah Bent gave a range of ideas to support dementia patients focussing on their strengths to support them with aural rehabilitation.

Case studies

The case studies created real debate with delegates.


A poster competition was held for all of the BSA membership and the delegates judged the winners which were:

Poster most likely to change my clinical practice – winner: Lynzee McShea

LM poster


Best innovation – winner: Ann-Marie Hawkins

AMH poster