An update from the initial survey about Hyperacusis

Here is some of the information on the people that submitted…

Of 312 people, 160 were people living with hyperacusis, 18 were parents of a child with hyperacusis, and 82 were healthcare professionals from a variety of professional backgrounds including audiovestibular physicians (11), hearing therapists (6), paediatric audiologists (6) and audiologists (37).  The majority of the questions were submitted by people living in the UK, follow by America and Ireland.

What are we doing now?

We are now checking through the questions for ones that have already been answered by research (we will be producing a report at a later date with all the “answered” questions), and grouping similar “unanswered” questions together and producing one “unanswered” research question to represent all the questions in the group.

From this, we will produce a list of “unanswered” questions to be sent out in another survey for people to vote which they think are most important for research to answer.

We will send you the link to the prioritisation survey as soon as it is available. Anyone with any experience hyperacusis can complete this even if they did not submit any questions originally.

Thank you for your time

Dr Kathryn Fackrell

Hyperacusis PSP study co-ordinator

National Institute for Health Research Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre